Tips To Sell Your Home

Every property is different and can be staged in a variety of ways to help maximize a sale. Below are some tips to think of when preparing your property.


Your Home’s Exterior

Before a potential buyers even stops their car, they will notice the landscaping.
Pay as much attention to your garden as you can.



  • Mow, trim and fertilize the lawn.
  • Weed flowerbeds and replace dead plants and trees.
  • Replace missing slats, stakes and posts on fences and gates.
  • Repair broken hinges and paint or stain the fence if necessary.
  • Clean up grease or oil spots on concrete surfaces on the driveway.
  • Make sure the garage door opens freely and the automatic door opener is working.
  • Provide an unobstructed view of your home from the street. Park your cars in the garage or on the street.

Front Entry

  • This is the entrance to your home, and as such, it needs to make good first impression.
  • Make sure that the doorbell, porch lights and other fixtures work and are in good condition.
  • Add welcoming touches: flowers, welcome mat, wreath on the door.

Siding, Trim, and Roof

  • Take a fresh look at your home’s features: the trim work, rain gutters, shutters, etc. You may want to add a fresh coat of paint to brighten these up.
  • If you notice the exterior needs a paint job, do it.
  • Remove debris such as tree branches and leaves from the roof.
  • Make any necessary repairs to worn shingles or cracked surfaces.

Patio and Deck

  • This is where you entertain outdoors. Make your guests feel at home here by making sure the area is tidy and uncluttered.
  • Add flowers, outdoor furniture, citronella candles in the summer make it seem warm and inviting.
  • Remove things that seem untidy or in the way: gardening equipment or children’s toys for example.

Your Home’s Interior

Creating the right atmosphere can welcome potential buyers into your home. You want the people who may buy your home to feel as if they could live in your home. Make the effort now, and you may reap the rewards in a quick, hassle free sale.

Doors and Windows

  • Keep windows clean with no streaks. Make them sparkle. Of course, if screens are damaged, replace them, and if outdoor trees and bushes interfere with lighting or a view, prune them.
  • Open the curtains, make sure they frame the window properly, and are clean and neat.
  • Ensure that hinges are oiled and do not squeak.
  • Keep doors clean and if necessary, re-paint your front door.
  • Make sure all door and window locks work easily.
  • Stairways and hallways should be neat and clean.

Floors and Carpets

  • Repair or replace missing or damaged tile, hardwood, vinyl and baseboards.
  • Steam-clean or shampoo carpets.
  • Secure loose carpeting and replace damaged areas.

Closets and Storage Areas

This is a great time for spring-cleaning. You will need to clean out all those closets soon enough as you will be moving?since storage space is so important to the potential buyer, keep them as neat and uncluttered as possible.
  • Do your pre-moving clean-up and throw out or store unnecessary items.
  • Store infrequently used counter-top items.
  • Keep drawers and cabinets tidy and organized.


  • Bedrooms are usually private rooms in your home. It is important that potential buyers are welcome in your bedrooms and that they appear neat, tidy and inviting.
  • Arrange furniture to allow a spacious atmosphere.
  • Make your beds every day: children’s rooms too, and make a point of fluffing the pillows, using a nice duvet cover.
  • Walls should be clean. Touch up the paint and check the wallpaper for areas where it needs spot repairs.

Living Areas

  • Make your guests feel comfortable in your home. Make sure you have candles, flowers, and new tablecloths.
  • Welcome the potential buyer into your home by making sure that children’s toys, paper work and other clutter or personal items are stored away while you are showing your home.
  • Dust counter tops, tabletops, and vacuum everywhere.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Keep the kitchen and bathrooms super clean.
Go through these rooms as if you were staying in a luxury hotel.
Keep counters free of clutter.
  • Store all cleaning supplies neatly in an out of the way place.
  • Hang clean, fresh towels.
  • Add flowers and candles or burn essential oils to make these rooms more appealing.
  • Have you considered that this would be a nice time to have some cider simmering on your stove, or some other pleasant smelling hearth warming food?

Garage or Workshop

  • Items should be neatly stored in shelving or wall units.
  • Allow appropriate space for the homebuyer to visualize their vehicle or workbench.
  • Consider moving excess or over-sized items to mini-storage.